Uber drivers are sharing the biggest secrets they've overheard


Hands up if you've never, ever had an ill-advised argument in the back of the taxi. Good, just one of you - off to heaven with you mate, sorry there's no one's waiting.

That's because the majority of us have - at one point at another - said and done things in taxis that are numbers one through five of Things You Should Not Say Or Do In Taxis. 

And Ubers - despite our slight paranoia about our own personal rating - are no different. It seems we can't resist giving our drivers a wild ride of their own. And nowhere else is this trend summed up better than in the AskReddit thread "Uber drivers, what's the deepest secrets you've overheared in your car?". Check out the best answers below. 

He's got your number

Ross, is that you?

Extra points if they were politicians

Oh, baby

Finally, something we can relate to

Is this what the kids call "banter"?

Mum? Dad?

Talk about rock bottom

Adiós, amigo

But how did they spend the money?

And finally, a very poignant story


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