Young Hodor absolutely smashed his Reddit AMA

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Carl Anka

Reddit “Ask Me Anythings” can be a varied bunch. For every Jerry Seinfield or Channing Tatum triumph, you get a Woody Harrleson disaster.

Luckily, Game of Thrones actor Sam Coleman can put himself into the “good” category of AMAs following a lovely session on the website this week.

Coleman, who played a young version of Hodor in season six, popped up on Reddit on Tuesday to share all about the Game of Thrones cast, and what it means to hold the door. 

The 18-year-old revealed all about his nerve wracking audition. (Good walrus analogy here.) 

His reaction when he found out he was being cast in the show. (Good cooking analogy here.)

How he managed to pull off *that* line. (No analogy. Just a good answer.)

How he reacts when he gets spotted...

And who his favourite character is.

Not to mention this final tidbit.

Young Sam. You have earned your place in Reddit AMA history...