The final trailer for 'The Defenders' looks ace

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Just in case you were wondering, Daredevil > Luke Cage > Jessica Jones >>>>> Iron Fist. That’s the order, and there’s no arguing with that, I’m afraid. But where will the big superhero team-up The Defenders fit in amongst the solo outings?

Well, we’ll find out on Friday when it hits Netflix, but until then all we’ve got to go on is this final trailer, and I’ll admit it: it looks rather good.

All four heroes doing their thang, up against big baddy Sigourney Weaver. So that’s Daredevil being all broody whilst kicking people in the face; Luke Cage throwing people through walls, Jessica Jones quipping whilst doing some sort of high jump or something; and Danny Rand having annoying hair and not being able to punch right.

The last of the Marvel Netflix shows, Iron Fist, didn’t exactly get a glowing reception, the main problem being the fight scenes – it’s a show about a master martial artist and the fight scenes were… well, crap. Looks like they’ve rectified that here, though – the glimpses we get of the throwdowns look more tightly choreographed – a bit more like the ones in Daredevil, which were brilliant.

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the trailer:

I’m certainly excited. You should be too. Friday can’t come soon enough.

(Image: Netflix)


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