The creator of The Wire's new show about the rise of the porn industry will be your next obsession

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Creativity comes from great sponsored_longforms, and in television, there are few sponsored_longforms better than HBO and David Simon. The broadcaster and writer previously teamed up to make a little known show called The Wire, and now the sponsored_longform has borne new fruit in upcoming series The Deuce.

The elevator pitch this time?  Maggie Gyllenhaal stars alongside a pair of James Francos (He is playing twins – we believe the scientific term is a “Francii”), as we follow them through the rise of the porn industry in 1970s New York.

Showing on luxury broadcaster HBO, expect the period drama to come with on point costumes and casting, M for Mature nudity and naughty words, and a lot of purposeful brooding from some stellar actors (as well as James Franco).

The first brief teaser trailer dropped this week, promising that trademark David Simon layered storytelling – the police, the criminals, the politicians – they’re all planning… something.
The Deuce will begin its eight-episode first season on 10 September on HBO in the US, and will no doubt be picked up on Sky Atlantic sometime after.
Deuce. Two. Partnerships. See?

Anyway, here are some cool shots to get you excited.

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