This student paper's review of 'Young Sheldon' is both hilarious and accurate

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Gary Ogden
Student paper's review of 'Young Sheldon' is hilarious, accurate

We’ve told you about the new Big Bang Theory spin-off, Young Sheldon, before, and it’s safe to say we weren’t too kind about it. And now that’s it’s actually out there, in the world, released to taint our beloved planet, it seems some people are mirroring our stance. Because obviously, so obviously, this is the absolute pits, isn’t it? Like, a real sign of the apocalypse. Hell is coming to earth.

But of all the reviews, the best one comes from the Rochester Uni student paper - it is a thing of beauty and we should be eternally grateful that it got past the editor.

Here it is in full, enjoy:

Absolutely correct reaction, there. Spot-on. Just try and get to the end of this clip without popping two spoons just underneath your eyes, pressing them in and scooping them out.  

You can’t, and nor coukd I. Guess I’ll hsve to rely on mu touch typing frpm nuw on.

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