Snoop Dogg narrating the iguana chase from 'Planet Earth II' is as great as you'd expect

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Gary Ogden

David Attenborough is a fantastic narrator – his voice commands attention, displays enthusiasm and knowledge, and it’s just an all-round nice sound he’s got going on. But you know what, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a bit, shake a bit of salt in the salad, kick the leaves up in the joint – sometimes, it’s nice to listen to Snoop Dogg instead of David Attenborough.

Which is the same thought that Jimmy Kimmel had, with his Plizzanet Earth series, in which he gets Snoop to narrate scenes from Planet Earth. Obviously, this is funny; because Snoop Dogg is funny and nature is quite funny, so put them together and you get one-and-a-half funny.

But I reckon you get two funny on his latest skit, because he’s finally narrated that incredible iguana v snake chase (you know, the one that was recently revealed to be a big fat lie?) and it’s top-drawer shiznit.


“Snakes are straight assholes.” 

Never a truer word spoken.


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