Scientology Is Advertising On UK Television And The Soundtrack Sounds Like Bad Enya


In what's potentially the strangest advert juxtaposition in the world, More4 has been throwing TV spots to Scientology during The Good Wife. Because, obviously, that's the kind of audience that would sign up to such a thing.

Here's everything that went through our heads when we watched the advert for the first time... Scroll to the bottom to watch the full video.

Oooo, spacey.

Oh, that's not cool.

Yup, the world is pretty crummy. If only there was someone that could do something about it all... oh!

Wait, What?

Are you allowed to advertise on TV if you're a religion?

Hang on, so it's not a religion? Or is it? What does that even mean?

Sounds pretty religious-y to me. I hope that's not just one person working those hours for free.

Bet none of those people in that stock photo know they're in a Scientology advert.

There's a real book called 'How To Use A Dictionary'. An entire book about reading a dictionary...

Written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, and it has a 100% 5 Star rating on Amazon. Totally legit.

Considering Scientologists love science so much that is a terrible drawing of the Planet Earth.

So many hypnotic transitions.

Well that was pretty cool, might check it out.


oh god they're in my head.

Check out the full 30 second clip below.

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