Ricky Gervais told Conan O'Brien how to go viral last night - and it's worked


Watch out makers of cat videos. Ricky Gervais is coming after you.

Ahead of his return to the Golden Globes, where he’ll be deflating tinsel town’s biggest egos as host (for the third time) this Sunday, the UK star went onto Conan O’Brien and imparted a few tips for achieving viral fame.

Okay, so that's not strictly true: tongue firmly in cheek, clearly poking fun at Messrs Kimmel and Fallon - who’ve all but transformed the late night talk show circuit into a series of increasingly YouTube-friendly segments - the UK star revealed a few games even the ‘Jimmys’ hadn’t thought of.

All we'll say is it one involves a camera phone and a close-up of the human body.

Karl Pilkington’s head or a slice of ham? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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