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They didn't have social networking when OFAH ended in 2003. Still, never mind, eh? Viva la France as they say in Rome.

Fools has a funny relationship with Twitter. Many of the cast are perhaps now too old to bother with such silliness, others are quite dead, some (well David Jason) probably don't even own a computer. And why would he, DJ is a knight of the realm with important TV dramas to star in. Despite all that there is still a slight Peckham presence lurking around the pipes of Twitterdom. Here then is our guide to Fools actors and representatives on Twitter, a phenomenon you could shorten to FART if you were that way inclined, which we are sure you are not.


Nervous Nerys - @Andree_Bernard

Plume de ma tante! What's this? Andree Bernard, AKA Nerys the Nags Head barmaid tweeting? Yes, Nerys, loves a bit of micro blogging (do people still say micro blogging?). The blonde blogging bombshell who Rodders sort of got to date once, likes to talk about politics, weather, food and confusion RE: what's going on with young folk these days.


Mickey Pearce - @Hambag

The God of the pork pie hat is here, and even has a picture of him in his famous headgear for his wallpaper. Handsome Patrick Murray, the genius actor behind Rodney's dodgy mate, claims he is now a pro poker player in his Twitter bio. Despite having tweeted only a handful of times thus far he has already gleaned over 200 followers. Chances are, knowing Mickey, they're hooky followers fallen off of the back of someone else's account.


Rodders - @NLyndhurst

Rodney is of course on Twitter - he's got a GCE in computers or something. Sadly Nicholas Lyndhurst, despite his thousands of followers, hasn't tweeted much recently, so much so we're beginning to wonder if it’s some hooky version of Lyndhurst. If it is however the genuine Lyndhurst we'd love to know why Tony Hawk was the first person he followed - maybe he's entering another skateboarding competition on his hols.


Official Only Fools & Horses - @OnlyFoolsHQ

Stone the crows, it's the 'fficially 'ficial, pukka, cushty, fabrique belgique, Fools feed from the BBC. They mainly share links to Fools Facebook discussions and clips of classic episodes, but now and then they also dish out little quizzes, and link to dodgy things like this []. Au contraire mon garcons. Au contraire.


American Del - @JohnLeguizamo

Oh John Leguizamo. John, John, John, Johnny, Johnny, John John Leguizamo. You're never going to be Derek Trotter no matter what it says on that script of the American remake of OFAH you're reading from. Yet still, sadly, the former To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar actor is the only official Del up the Twitter pipe. Cushty? No, but we'll have to like it or lump it. Now fall through a bar you God damned American!


Marlene - @mshfpiper

Sue Holderness, the permed princess behind the wonder in fur that was Marlene keeps things predictably simple. No mucking about online, just lurking, waiting for her moment to pounce and wow the world. Marls is still rocking the "egg avatar" she has tweeted not once, and is following five very privileged people. Who? Boycie (eau natural), the bloke who played Jake Dean in Hollyoaks (odd), Jan from 80s drama Howards Way (brilliant), one of the dancers from Strictly Come Dancing, and John Cleese. Marlene we love you (with actual real life love).

Sample Tweet: N/A


OFAH Inside Story - @onlyfoolsbook

Run by author / Fools nut Steve Clark, OFAH Inside Story is pottering around Twitter in order to promote a book (of the same name) but is actually a brilliant resource for Trotter based banter. There's quotes, there's great links, there's a lot to make you smile in 140 characters or less. Definitely worth a quick follow.


Boycie - @beingboycie

Of all the Fools stars on Twitter John "Boycie" Challis is by far the most active. Cynics might suggest this is because he has a book out, but nuts to them, Challis recently put up a photo of him and a Gruffalo. Boycie and a Gruffalo! If that's not enough for you, meh, whatever – maybe Twitter is not for you.


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