This is how to access Netflix's secret portal to request TV shows and films

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Netflix’s ‘request’ feature has been hidden in plain sight: here’s how to find it

Not everything that you want to watch is on Netflix - this is one of life’s greatest pains. Sometimes, you want to watch, say, Big Bad Beetleborgs, so you load up Netflix, type it in, and there it is: “Explore titles related to Big Bad Beetleborgs“. They don’t have the damn show - you cannot watch it. Your day is ruined.

But hey! Did you know that there’s a way to let the bods at Netflix know that you want to see Big Bad Beetleborgs on their platform? There sure is, and it’s called the Title Requests page. Essentially, you head on over here, and then you’re greeted with three boxes in which to jam the movies or TV shows you want to see on the service.

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Then you simply wait for an email from Netflix, letting you know if any of them are set to appear in the near future - how exciting. 

Of course, certain programmes may never appear on the streaming service, no matter how many times you fill out the form - it’s a minefield of terms and conditions out there, you see. 

Netflix say that possible reasons for a show not appearing on the site include:

- The content rights are currently exclusive to another company (Example: Game of Thrones is an HBO Original Series).

- The streaming rights are not available to purchase from the content provider.

- Other factors, including popularity, cost, or seasonal or localised availability.

This page has been available for a while, but the reason people are wising up to its existence now, is mainly down to this:

So now you know! Big Bad Beetleborgs soon come.

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