Nature documentaries are infinitely better with subtitles from Aziz Ansari’s stand-up


The finest minds can spend a lifetime trying to improve upon the perfect, but sometimes it takes pure happenstance - the combining of two already perfect things - to unlock their true potential.

The triangle... and Paris? A modern wonder. Apples… and Isaac Newton? Revolutionary. Aziz Ansari… and the animal kingdom? Better than gravity, even.

Imgur user BenMeiri84’s pal was watching BBC's wildlife documentary Planet Earth, just trying to educate themselves about the world around them, when a wonderful fluke of nature occurred: Netflix started pulling subtitles from an Aziz Ansari stand-up special. Though the velvet-voiced David Attenborough usually soothes us through footage of the great outdoors, the altogether more shrilly-spoken Ansari might have a new career ahead of him if these stills are anything to go by....