A Twitter bot created hilarious fake Louis Theroux documentary titles, and Louis himself responded

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Gary Ogden
This fake Louis Theroux Twitter account is hilarious, and Louis is a fan

Good old Louis Theroux, everyone’s favourite doccy man, doing his ‘thing’ and having a nice beard. I will quite happily watch him do anything - he could interview himself in a mirror for two hours and I’d cop the whole thing.*

He’s ran the gamut from light-hearted, this-woman-has-never-blinked-in-her-life style fare, to much darker, this-woman-has-never-blinked-in-her-life-and-also-she-is-racist type stuff, but one thing remains constant: it’s always interesting, and I will always watch it.

But what makes a good Louis Theroux documentary idea? Who comes up with this stuff? What are the idea meetings like? Well, a new Twitter bot has some of the answers, because it regularly tweets brilliant opening lines for a never-ending list of fictional Theroux docs. Like? Like:

Yes, very funny, well done internet, gold star etc. And even better, Louis Theroux has noticed, and *shock horror* responded. Here look:



What - as a casual football fan and avid watcher of Soccer AM may say - absolute scenes. A man of the people there, using Twitter as you’re supposed to, by being a nice, funny person on it and making everybody very happy in the process.

Well done Louis, well done Twitter bot, well done everyone, well done.

*Actually, that’s a really good idea - don’t nick it, BBC

(Image: BBC)


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