The most confusing thing about Kanye on SNL isn't that he dressed as a water bottle (but it is less depressing to just laugh about the bottle)

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Here are the best memes of Kanye dressed up as a water bottle on 'SNL'

Kanye West and Lil Pump dressed up as water bottles on SNL for some reason and then Yeezy decided to rant about Trump in a MAGA hat, again - the internet had a field day…

So, erm, Kanye West was on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and erm, well, umm, he did… this:

Yeah, that’s Kanye and Lil Pump performing their “hit” ‘I Love It’, dressed up as Perrier water bottles. Nope, us neither.

Either way, the internet noticed (as it is wont to do) and responded accordingly:

Yes, very strange, but perhaps not the strangest thing Kanye did during his stint on the show? Not only did he do the above, he also made a bizarre pro-Trump rant whilst wearing a MAGA hat, prompting at least two sets of boos from the audience (which are unfortunately not heard in the below video):

And obviously the rappers favourite person in the whole world, the President, responded *sigh*:

Does anybody know what’s happening to Kanye? The rapper, who has now also changed his name to ‘Ye’, seems to be “having a time of it” at the mo, and you better believe it’s in public. He also announced his ninth album Yandhi, saying he’d release it this weekend, and then… didn’t. What a palaver.

Maybe - as many people have surmised - he’s simply trolling us all, 24/7, and if that’s the case, then absolute props to him in every possible way but… is it actually acceptable, even if it’s a joke, to consistently support a racist, megalomaniac and all around fool of a president at every single turn? We are all idiots and we need a good pantsing once in a while - it’s the right thing to do but maybe, on this occasion the joke is actually on Kanye? Again.

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