Jon Hamm and Emma Stone's SNL Star Wars 'screen tests' are brilliant

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Joe Ellison

A startling fact you might not be aware of: it’s been over a year since we first saw hair-raising footage of the new Millennium Falcon, swooping into battle for J Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Twelve whole months, fraught with massive spoilers.

And with the film not released for another month or so, we wouldn’t blame you for avoiding new footage like Han and Chewie would an ireful batch of TIE-fighters. That said, you can be safe viewing this unseen audition footage, aired during Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Introduced by J J Abrams, these ‘never-seen-before screen tests’ see young stars of the upcoming film Daisy Ridley and John Boyega joined by a host of unlikely recruits to the Star Wars universe.

Alongside the duo, SNL cast members impersonating A-listers dutifully play it for laughs and actual A-listers turn up for some gags too, including Emma Stone, riffing off her recent controversial casting for Aloha, better known as that film nobody watched, and Jon Hamm as, erm, 'Hamm Solo'

The farce has truly awoken...