This video showing one second of every 'It's Always Sunny' episode proves how ridiculous the show is

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Emily Reynolds
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There are a few, fairly reasonable, criticisms often levelled at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s rude, it’s problematic, it’s bad taste. All true, to be fair.

What you definitely can’t say about the show is that it’s boring. 

And there’s never been a better illustration of that fact than this video, produced by Shitty Film Productions: ne second of every It’s Always Sunny Episode. 

Blowing up buildings (and cars with cats in), having sex with old people, being spat on by a priest: it’s all there and all…extremely questionable.

It’s a pretty good (/horrifying) summation of the show: some Reddit users even say it sold It’s Always Sunny to them. 

If you’re fan of the show, you should start savouring that Paddy’s Pub goodness while you can – because the show will be leaving Netflix next month. 

According to TechCrunch, the show will no longer be available after 8 December due to “the end of a licensing agreement with 20th Century Fox that doesn’t look like it will be renewed”. That’s also the reason many other Fox and FX shows have disappeared from Netflix – Bob’s Burgers, Louie, Bones, Family Guy, the X-Files and Futurama to name a few. 

In order to watch the show from December onwards, you’re going to have to pay the troll toll (£6 a month to use Hulu, where the next season of the show will be broadcast). 

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