The kids from "Hi my name’s Catrina" have recreated the dance, and it's wonderful

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Gary Ogden

“HI MY NAME’S CATRINA!!” screeched a rather terrifying child once upon a time in 1984. Little did she know that around 32 years later, she would become part of a large-scale meme (mainly because she wouldn’t have known what a meme was, but still). She became part of one because the internet is extremely fond of dredging up long-forgotten snippets of brilliance and allowing them to spread like wildfire. 

In this case, it was the following video:

What a masterpiece. Anyway, as you’ll no doubt know, another thing the internet is extremely fond of, is REUNIONS. So all the original kids (alas, apart from Spencer, who presumably ran offscreen and never stopped running) from 1984’s Emu’s All Live Pink Windmill Show have got back together to slay the routine once more. Here it is in all its “oh-god-I’ve-suddenly-become-hugely-aware-of-the-aging-process” glory:

They’ve done it for Comic Relief, every wacky bastard’s favourite day, and you know it’s going to go viral all over again, so check back in 2043 for the next, slightly more depressing version.


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