Every Pop Culture Reference From The Office


It’s amazing to think that we’ve been privy to the world of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton’s best paper company, for almost a decade.

And while lines such as “That’s what she said,” might have crept into our vocabulary since The Office's inception back in 2005, a crack team of writers have left the show positively dripping in pop culture references.

Paying homage to just that, super fan Joe Sabia has accrued all 1,3000+ non-fictional references, dividing them into years of reference and editing them into separate videos, giving us an opportunity to pore through those golden moments once more.

You can watch the best of the clips below, search by year at Sabia's website, and, should you want a challenge, click here to see the pop culture references he tried his best to identify but found really hard.

That’s what she said.



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