Ed Sheeran's anticipated Game of Thrones appearance didn't go down too well

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This article will contain mild spoilers – the main one being that Ed Sheeran was in last night’s series seven premiere of Game of Thrones. Yep, the flame-haired singer-songwriter popped up in Westeros, having a little sing-song around the campfire, as he is probably wont to do in real life.

Arya Stark was merrily on her way to King’s Landing to have a go at licking Cersei Lannister’s head-top off, when she bumped into Ed and company. Obviously, what with Ed’s character being most-likely a fan of The Queen, we were all set for a big showdown of ginger guts being sprayed onto the forest floor. Only no, they all just sat down and had a bit of wine.

Ed’s brief dalliance with dialogue in the show extended to him being asked by Arya what the song was he was singing, and him replying “It’s a new one.” This probably made you laugh if you’re a big fan of the show, because it’s known for having a dearth of original songs – but hey, at least the new one is a Sheeran one. Not like we ever get to hear them anywhere.

Here he is, look:

Anyway, Twitter went off, as usual, and mostly in a bad way, as usual. Here’s a selection of button mashing:

So that went down well, then. He should have taken Justin Bieber’s advice. Now he knows how to make a cameo:


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