This brand new 'Stranger Things 2' clip sees Mike and Eleven finally reunite

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Gary Ogden
Check out a new clip from Stranger Things 2

Everyone! Ev-ry-one! Stranger Things 2 starts on Friday! That’s a whole new series of the Upside Down to cram into your binge-schedule. You are, like us, like me, like everyone, extremely excited about this fact, but there’s not much you can do about it, apart from wait. Sit there, in your pants, taking each day off work until it comes, powerless against the slowly-creaking hands of time.

But wait! There is one thing you can do to satiate your retro ‘80s bloodlust - you can watch a promotional clip. Yes! A promotional clip should do it - send your frenzied brain into overdrive, force the blood surging to your clenched fists and pulsing temples - YOU CAN’T WAIT ANY LONNNNNGGGEERR!

Anyway, calm, here it is:

Is that Eleven looking in through the window at Mike? I think it is, I think it bloody well is.

Colour me completely and utterly excited. Which in this case is purple, because I refuse to take a single breath until Stranger Things 2 starts.

(Image: Netflix)


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