This is the 'Breaking Bad' star who is joining the cast of 'Westworld' season 3

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Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is set to join the cast of Westworld season 3 but producers are being tight-lipped about which character he’ll play

Much is written about the Golden Age of Television and how we’re living through a renaissance in entertainment.

Shows like Twin Peaks, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Lost and The Wire – so the story goes – have ushered in a revolution in high quality entertainment since the early 2000s.

I’m not totally sure I buy this, however. I mean, how can you ignore classic shows like The X-Files, Seinfeld and, the best show to have ever been made, Murder, She Wrote?

But, undoubtedly, two of the most gripping shows of recent years have been Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad (officially the most critically acclaimed show of all time) and HBO’s sprawling tech-dystopia epic Westworld.

And soon we’ll be getting a cross-over of sorts when Aaron Paul joins the cast of the HBO sci-fi drama.

This is the 'Breaking Bad' star who is joining the cast of 'Westworld' season 3

Bitch! It’s Aaron Paul! 

According to Deadline, the Breaking Bad and Bojack Horseman star, 39, is joining the recently ordered third season of the series.

“The producers are being tight-lipped on the character but I hear Paul will be a series regular,” the publication reports.

Paul even referenced the announcement on Twitter. “I feel like I’m in a dream Dolores. Can you wake me up from this dream?” he said.

Other folks, including his soon-to-be co-star Jeffrey Wright, were pumped for Paul to be joining the cast:

And finally, because who are we, if not bitches, here’s a super cut of Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman saying the word ‘bitch’:

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