Here's our first official look at 'Bojack Horseman' series 5

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BoJack Horseman

The first trailer has finally been released

Bojack Horseman, eh? Started off bad, got better, is now very good. Funny how things work, isn’t it? The show, about a depressed former actor trying to mount a comeback-of-sorts has been praised for its frank look at mental illness and addiciton, and is pretty-much universally loved now that it’s in its fourth series.

Or fifth, if you count the upcoming season, which is due to air on Netflix on September 14 - the one which we have the new trailer for, right here:

So what we’ve got here is Bojack finally getting back on the ladder and appearing in Philbert, Princess Caroline’s passion project, but whether that all goes to plan remains to be seen (it won’t, will it, it absolutely won’t).

We also have some new images from the show, including what looks like a car crash and also a glimpse into Diane’s now rather messy apartment:

Excited yet? You should be. You should be excited about the horse programme. The cartoon about the talking horse. As an adult, you should be excited about seeing what happens to the depressed horse. Makes sense, really.

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(Image: Netflix)


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