The 'Black Mirror' season 5 release date has been leaked by Netflix

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It looks like we’ll be seeing the latest series of Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi show sooner than we thought

Black Mirror is one of the best things that Netflix offer - of all their originals, it’s one that is consistently good, and therefore excitement (ours, yours, everybody’s) is at an all-time high for the fifth season. It seems like it’s been donkeys since the last episode, so the news that it’ll hit the service very soon indeed is music to our ears. And your ears. Everyone’s ears.

In a now-deleted tweet, Netflix accidentally revealed that the air-date would be before the end of the year (which is rather soon, in case you hadn’t noticed all the fake festive happiness that is currently engulfing the country).

The tweet had a list of upcoming shows and films and the dates they’ll be arriving on the streaming service, with an episode of Black Mirror titled ‘Bandersnatch’ looking to air on the 28th December.

What this hints at, however, is that there’s a possibility that the show may air episodes separately, seeing as it was specific with the episode name. Previously they’ve all been released simultaneously (like most Netflix shows), but it could be that the six new stories will be staggered. Who knows.

Either way, it looks like we’ll be getting at least the first one before 2019, which is all rather exciting, isn’t it?

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