Alan Partridge has written a moving poem about the working class

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Dave Fawbert
Alan Partridge poetry

It should come as no surprise to any of us that Alan Partridge should dabble in the fine art of poetry.

He’s - obviously - one of the finest broadcasters this country has ever seen, he’s an accomplished author as evidenced in the towering intellectual achievements of his autobiography I, Partridge and the more recent Nomad, and he’s also a breathtaking actor, up there with Roger Moore himself.

So a move into poetry is a perfectly natural one.

But what topic would Partridge tackle on his move into verse?

Well it would naturally be a subject which he knows inside out; that he is most comfortable working in.

Yes, that’s right. The working classes.

And, so, to celebrate National Poetry Day, he’s written a poem, and provided a rendition of it whilst strolling around what appears to be the Manchester ship canal, and it’s as lyrical as you’d expect.

Yeah, in a strange way, that was actually quite moving wasn’t it?

Thank you, Alan Partirdge (sic).

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