A definitive guide to how many people Marvel heroes have killed

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Nick Pope

Batman talks a big game about his ‘no-kill rule’, but any comic book fan will tell you that the caped crusader hasn't always stuck to it.  After all, this is a guy who once let a bunch of thieves burn to death in a fiery inferno just so he could get jiggy in the foreground

Like, that turned him on. Nice mood lighting, but still.

Point is, our favourite superheroes from both DC and Marvel are often just as partial to an old-fashioned murdering as their dastardly counterparts. To prove it, Morphsuits has put together this guide to all of the confirmed kills committed by Marvel crusaders.

Obviously this doesn’t take into account the millions of faceless goons or any of the innocent people who lived in any of the myriad buildings this lot have carelessly torn to rubble, but it's still pretty damn surprising. Check it out below...