This Frasier/The National mashup is the crossover we never knew we needed

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Things we love: the popular 1990s television show Frasier, starring Kelsey Grammar as the eponymous radio psychiatrist Frasier Crane. Other things we love: slightly maudlin American indie-rock band The National. Two true, but usually unrelated, facts. 


That’s because Twitter user and composer Bobby Lord has created the collaboration we never knew we needed: Frasier, meet The National. The National, meet Frasier

Yes, you are hearing this right: it’s a National-esque cover of Frasier’s famous ‘tossed salads and scrambled eggs’ theme tune. That’s it. That’s the whole concept. 

It probably shouldn’t but somehow…it actually works? 

People loved it, obviously, because it bangs. 

It’s not the first time someone’s done a brilliant but unlikely mashup, though – just take a look at this fake Bob Dylan/Dr Seuss collaboration. 

It got us thinking – why aren’t there more musical crossovers? 

The Smiths meet The Hungry Caterpillar? Bjork x Seinfeld? Oasis and The Office? Sign us right up.

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