This artist is taking gross hair from the plughole and making art out of it for some reason

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Gary Ogden

The third grossest thing in my shower at home, after the mystery white stuff on the curtain and the dead racoon, is the thick, matted clump of hair that blocks the plughole. This is a constant source of annoyance, because every time I want to dispose of earthworms down the drain, I have to remove all the disgusting hair from the plug to free up the holes – it makes me retch.

You’d have thought that nothing of any worth or goodness could come from discarded bath hair, but you’d be wrong. A resourceful young artist called Lucy Gafford has come up with a fantastic solution to getting rid of shower wigs – turn them into art.

Essentially, she retrieves the hair and slaps it up onto the bathroom wall, then forms it into lovely pictures. Look, here’s Tyrion Lannister from that Changing Thrones programme or whatever it’s called:

It’s actually quite pretty, no?

She started off doing it as a joke, but people responded positively (particularly her flatmates, who no longer had to clean the plughole) and so she’s kept it up, with each design getting progressively more complex.

Look at this monstrosity:

Suppose it's better than seeing a real centipede in the shower though.

I should know, because one crawled out of the dead racoon the other day.


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