These are the places you're mostly likely to die when taking a selfie

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According to the internet-breaking selfie master Kim Kardashian, there are four simple rules to taking the perfect photo of your own face – holding the phone high, knowing your angle, knowing your lighting, and working that "duck face".

But looking at these recent stats, you may want to add "check to see if you’re likely to plummet to your death" to that list too.

Data compiled by Priceonomics, who trawled through three years of newspaper archives to collate reports of photo-related fatalities, has found that of 49 selfie deaths since 2014 a massive 40 per cent of them happened in India, with the most common cause listed as falling from a great height. What’s more, 75 per cent of victims were male.

The data seems to correlate with the recent trend of daredevils scaling tall buildings all in the name of "rooftopping" photography. Daniel Lau, for example, went viral last year when he snapped happy from the top of a Hong Kong skycraper, but has also added China's fourth-tallest building, the 450-metre Zifeng Tower in Nanjing, to his list of pinnacles reached.

Not every climb has gone to plan for these gutsy snappers, though. A 17-year-old Russian known only as Andrew R fell to his death in October 2015 while trying to get a shot that looked like he was falling from a building. 

In researching the statistics, Priceonomics also uncovered some truly bizarre (and tragic) accidents, including the drunk 21-year-old Mexican man that shot himself while posing with a gun, and two Russian teens who wanted a photo with a live grenade, only for it to explode in their hands. 

So the next time you fancy documenting your awesome view from the top of a building or fancy looking cool next to a dangerous firearm, remember: 4G signal isn't brilliant in the afterlife. 

Pic: YouTube/Frank Wu


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