This is what snowboarding in a frozen waterpark looks like


Ever tried snowboarding in a waterpark?

If the answer’s 'yes' then you probably drank far too much Red Bull.

Which is ironic, because here comes a stupendous video of snowboarders sponsored by the sugary drinks giant showcasing how such a feat can be achieved without the threat of drowning and/or arrest.

The answer appears to be one of finding an abandoned waterpark completely frozen over: 'Snow-covered water slides, high dives as jibs, no lines or entrance fees, and a group of your buds to shred. What more could you ask for?’ Gnarly music probably.

Oh and they’ve bloody got that as well, giving the awe-inspiring proceedings an even bigger dollop of cool.

Now if you really want to impress us, Red Bull, how about taking surfboards to the winter Olympics?