This crap 90s football twitter account is here to remind you what real football is

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Dave Fawbert

Football today. What has become of it?

All-seater stadiums. Opta statistics. False nines. Gegenpressing. Rabonas. Multimedia kit launches. Metatarsals. 3G pitches. The 'EFL'. Simulation. 'The London Stadium'. Corporate boxes. Moisture-wicking kit technology.

It's all just bollocks isn't it?

The nineties was a simpler, better time. Proper players, mudbath pitches, a home and away kit (if that) and 22 players who believed that the best way to score was to get it towards the opposition goal as quickly and directly as possible.

And this wonderful era has been celebrated by Hull City (not Tigers) fan James Richardson who runs the Crap90sFootball Twitter account and has posted a host of truly incredible clips which showcase the skill and talent regularly witnessed by fans in the nineties. Grab yourself a BSE-infected burger and feast your eyes on these beauties.

*Standing Ovation*


A hat-trick of beauties



Corner flag magic

Poetry in motion


Total football

Own goal megamix

Old, Firm class


International Class

The art of defending


Poor David :-(

Liquid football

A dominant goalkeeper


Just amazing


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