The star of this video is somehow not the ripped man doing a handstand on top of 18 stacked dumbbells

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Alex Finnis

There comes a point regarding gym-going and physical fitness when an exercise goes beyond the realms of being beneficial and becomes pure showing off.

On a totally unrelated note, here is video of a man, topless, obviously, doing a set of handstand press ups on top of 18 stacked dumbbells in the middle of a leisure centre.

This “bearded douche w/a rib tattoo”, as @Singlemaltfiend describes him on Twitter, definitely thinks he is the absolute bollocks. He’s well pleased with himself. He definitely, at the very least, expects to be the star of his own video in which he does something which, for the majority of the population, is physically impossible, and also incredibly dangerous.

Which makes it even funnier that he’s totally upstaged by an old bloke in the background sinking free throws like he’s Michael Jordan in his prime.

It’s only a 40-second clip, but by the end of it you’ve forgotten “bearded douche” is even there. He could fall spectacularly and break his face and all we’d care about is if Old Basketball Man can nail his fifth consecutive basket. He does, obviously.

The video devastatingly cuts off just before we see throw six reach the basket, but it looks good, doesn’t it? It’s definitely going in. He’s probably still there now, getting nothing but net, unaware of his newfound viral fame (the video’s already been retweeted more than 44,000 times). Nothing can stop him. Not even a bearded douche doing press ups on a stack of 18 dumbbells. He’s in the zone and he’s staying there. He’s my new hero. When I grow up, I want to be this specific man.