This snooker trick shot is basically magic so let's all just watch it on a loop

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Matt Tate

Right: I’ll confess that I am no snooker expert, but I know my way around a table enough to state with confidence that Shaun Murphy won’t be topped for best shot at the World Championship. This is quite special. 

Murphy was up against a living legend of the sport, Ronnie O'Sullivan, when he found himself in a bit of a pickle (OR SO WE THOUGHT!!!). 

Early in the fifth frame, the cue ball was tucked just behind the yellow, and it looked like hitting the one red he had to aim for and getting the white safe would be near-impossible. 

But after mentally accessing the angles like only a bow-tie’d snooker supremo can, the Englishman stunned the Crucible by playing the white off three cushions, bringing it back to glance the cocky little red into the middle pocket and leave himself with a strong set of options for the next shot. Commentator John Virgo correctly dubbed it “unbelievable”. 


The shot didn’t intimidate O'Sullivan, though. The five-time champion was in typically merciless form as he took a 6-2 lead in the second-round match.