Watch San Marino players celebrate first World Cup Qualifying away goal in 15 years

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Dave Fawbert

When you're a San Marino fan, the opportunity to celebrate does not come around too often. So when it does, you absolutely have to make the most of it.

And that's exactly what their players, supporters, and Twitter account did last night, when the perennial minnows - who have a population of just 33,000 - scored their first World Cup away goal in 15 years in a qualifying match in Oslo against Norway.

Just watch this.

But how did the news go down in the Norwegian TV studios? Not well. Not well at all.

But forget Norway, let's concentrate on glorious San Marino.

In the end, Norway scored three more, to win 4-1. So that's still a victory, right?

Yes, that's definitely a victory. And how could this joyous moment possibly be improved?

Well, just like this.

See you again in 2031 guys!


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