There's something very odd about this Ronaldo goal and it could prove he's a robot

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Jordan Waller

Did you see Cristiano Ronaldo's showstopping goal against Roma the other night? Glorious wasn't it? Did you notice that it was identical to one he scored nine years ago? Probably not - in fact you already probably think we're exaggerating but we're not just talking 'similar', we're talking the exact same goal. 

The type of goal that only a robot programmed to score goals would score. It's the kind of thing you see in games of FIFA, the kind of thing that would make conspiracy theorists claim that we live inside a Matrix-like machine and that global warming is simply a social construct to stop us waking up and smelling the android coffee.

Or, it's the type of goal that shows that Ronaldo spends a bazillion hours a day practicing set pieces like a 14-year old practices the opening chords to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Either way the similarities spotted by our brothers over at Mr Hyde are incredible.

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