Peter Crouch has given us the only Royal Baby tweet worth reading

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Tom Victor

The England international footballer has form for great tweets, and this is one of his best

There are two types of take on the Royal Baby announcement: the ones you don’t need, and the one posted by Peter Crouch.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the former England striker is tall. Very tall. Tall enough that you could call him “Two-metre Peter” and be giving an accurate representation of his height.

He’s quite literally the footballer who everyone looks up to.

So, when Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge shared this photo with the caption ‘Welcome to the family’…

…the tallest man in the Premier League responded as only he could.

Peter Crouch has the only tweet worth reading on the Royal Baby

It’s not the first time Crouch has shown himself to be brilliant on Twitter, and it won’t be the last.

Of course, it’s not all gags about being tall, but that’s not to say he never goes down that route.

However, the Stoke City forward, who was once asked what he’d be if not a footballer and replied “a virgin”, clearly has a quicker wit than many of his peers.


We’ve seen him at his self-deprecating best.


Not that he’s averse to bigging himself up.

And, of course, there’s the odd reference to his iconic robot celebration.


He always has a reaction to mockery from fans.

And you bet he’s polite – even when he doesn’t need to be.


Is it too late to give Crouch an England call-up for the World Cup?

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