We have a serious new contender for the greatest own goal ever scored

Posted by
Dave Fawbert

Jamie Pollock has the been the undisputed holder of the coveted title of greatest own goal ever scored for – at the time of writing – 19 years and 22 days.

But sorry, Jamie, your time at the top of the tree may be over, thanks to this piece of outrageously glorious footballing self-harm from Swiss midfielder Adrien Gulfo.

He was playing for Swiss side Pully in a Coupe de Vaudoise semi-final clash with FC Renens and, with his team 2-1 down, rushed back to help out.

What followed next was sheer poetry.

Our favourite part may well be the utterly shocked goalkeeper, who remains rooted to the spot, watching the ball loop in, before half-heartedly raising his hands ever-so-slightly; simply too demoralised to even castigate the player properly.

Amazingly, his actions didn’t cost Pully the game – they recovered to level the game 3-3, before ultimately triumphing 7-6 in a penalty shoot-out.

To Pollock and Brass, we add Gulfo. A more esteemed list of legends you will struggle to find.