This teenager just got banned from playing football for the most incredible reasons


Mario Balotelli may be an enfant terrible footballer but he’s never worn a cowboy hat during a game has he? Not yet anyway.

Well US teenager Brian Garruto has - and he might just be the biggest maverick you’ve never heard of.

Tweeting a screenshot of an email outlining exactly why he’s been banned from the North Side Co Ed Soccer League for Westlake High School, the Ohio hotshot's list of offences range from the wacky to the wonderful, giving the sort of impression he doesn’t take the game all that seriously:

Pretending to shoot bow and arrow at opposing players after scoring? Giving birth to a soccer ball after scoring? Making a phone call while playing on the field? He’s done it.

And while you may think 'well, at least the lad's scoring', it seems even that is too much for his coaches, who rounded on their star player once more for notching 14 goals when there’s a three goal limit per player. It's enough to make you feel like Garruto is a big fish in a small pond, if fish wore cowboy hats and were averse to shin pads.

He might be a tad old for the junior leagues but if Westlake need a new striker then they’d do worse than giving Gary Goals a call.

[Image: Facebook via NY Daily News]