Marseille fans protest against own team by playing the Benny Hill theme tune


If you thought being an Aston Villa fan was tough right now, spare a thought for those of Marseille.

Winless at home in Ligue 1 since September and forced to watch arch rivals PSG comfortably run out winners in record time, the suffering supporters have long been at odds with club owner Margarita Louis-Dreyfus and president Vincent Labrune.

But on 10 April, during a scrappy 0-0 encounter with Bordeaux, home fans made their disillusion known in the most left-field way possible.

They played the Benny Hill theme tune.

Summing up the aimless grass covering they’ve paid good money to see this season, players and coaching staff alike stood bemused as the sound to the vintage British telly show blared out from the stands to the bemusement of all involved..

Amid other forms of protest, including a 500 person stampede which needed to be broken up by police dogs, and saw players leave on the bus with a huge police escort, disgruntled home fans also held aloft banners of cartoon goats – one even holding a shisha pipe (perhaps Villa fans should have done that for Gabby Agbonlahor). Apparently goats are generally the equivalent of a donkey in the UK.

They’ve obviously never seen Shaun Goater play.