This is what Liam Gallagher said to Gareth Southgate after he missed Euro '96 penalty

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Dave Fawbert
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Liam Gallagher: the gift that keeps on giving.

Not content with being the greatest frontman of his generation and a source of constant amusement on Twitter, yet another amazing, yet unlikely, story has emerged, courtesy of Andy Townsend.

Speaking on BBC 5 Live back in March 2017, the football pundit revealed that the first person to console Gareth Southgate – now England manager – after his infamous penalty miss in a shoot-out against Germany at Wembley in 1996, was none other than Liam Gallagher.

He explained: “With Gareth, I do remember, I was commentating funnily enough, when he missed his pen, Euro ‘96. Now he was a teammate of mine at Villa so of course after that game, having missed a pen like that, I was so gutted for him, that I thought I’d go down and find him.

“And of course, you can imagine, the players lounge after that game – it wasn’t a place where I had any invite anyway, I just wanted to go and say to him, ‘listen, y’know’ and I literally hadn’t said a word – his wife Alison was there and I don’t think anyone really knew what to say and of course when he finally came in, I was only gonna say ‘Look, better than you have missed em in that sort of situation, so don’t worry about it – it’s done’.


“And as I went to say it, Liam Gallagher appears from nowhere. He appears from nowhere! And he says, ‘Hey Gareth, don’t *beep* worry about it because at least you had the *beep* to go up and take it. Them other *beep* they didn’t want to *beep* know’. [The beeps are Townsend’s own] And he literally said that and I kinda said, ‘Actually, in as many words mate, that’s what I was gonna tell ya. What he said is spot on.’

“Y’know, good old Liam!”

Absolutely incredible.

Of course, perhaps Noel could have said it better: