Jamie Carragher looks ready to murder Jamie Redknapp after being interrupted on Sky

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Dave Fawbert

The post-match discussion these days is as much part of football as the game itself, especially with Sky’s coverage allowing for extended, blow-by-blow analysis of every goal, every incident and virtually every kick.

However, with such intense coverage comes heightened tension in the studio, and ex-Liverpool captain Jamie Carragher, midway through making a point about Liverpool’s Emre Can during their 2-1 win over Burnley, lost it with his on-screen, and formerly on-pitch colleague Jamie Redknapp when he interrupted him.

His thunderous face, and the subsequent reaction, silently muttering to himself, then putting his hand over his mouth and then finally – brilliantly – over his eyes, is simply glorious to watch.

Obvlious to Carragher’s reaction, Redknapp even asked him to agree with what he had just said, with Carragher replying, “Yeah, but what was that? I know… you interrupted me! I wasn’t finished. It was 3-1.”

Regular sparring partner Gary Neville did not miss the opportunity to rib Carragher. When asked for his take on the event, he tweeted:

Excellently, this isn’t the first time that Carragher has been annoyed with Redknapp, as one eagle-eyed social media user pointed out:

Poor old Carra...


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