Gareth Bale can no longer drive supercars because of injuries


Do you hear that?

We’re playing the world’s smallest violin, out of support for international footballing superstar Gareth Bale, who has now reportedly been forced to stop driving luxury supercars because they’re causing him injuries.

Ever since his move to Spain, the Real Madrid man has keenly showed off his love for ergonomically designed luxury vehicles across social media, sitting on tens of bonnets for Instagram and Facebook posts.

However, according to one source close to the footballer, it now transpires that the low-slung seats inside of these highly charged cars might be the source of his recurrent hamstring problems, which means he’s now had to pick slightly larger cars that put less strain on his body.

“The Lamborghinis are the worst — lots of footballers find that,” the source said. “There’s plenty of time to race around in one when he’s retired so he’s had to reluctantly pull out of the scheme,” the source told The Sun.

That scheme being one with Supercar firm Auto Vivendi, which ensures one of their models is available for Bale as soon as he steps off the plane when he returns to the Spanish capital, even also delivering his newly pimped motor straight to his door.

Rumoured to be raking in £300,000 per week over in Spain, the wing wizard earns enough to buy four Ferraris a month, so we’re sure if he does have to stump up the cash to buy his own car he won’t exactly be too out of pocket.

We’ve all heard of a Rolls Royce players, maybe he wants to be one of those.

[Via: The Independent]