Football player’s heartbroken reaction to being nutmegged is priceless


"Football, bloody hell!"

"It's a funny old game."

Aye, and it's a cruel one too, as this heartbreaking clip proves.

Filmed at a youngster's five-a-side match, a hapless defender is on the end of a superb nutmeg - we're not entirely sure the attacker meant it, as it looks like a rainbow flick that got cut off midway - and, such is his humiliation, he decides that this is the moment to contemplate what exactly he's doing with his life; what it all means and what, ultimately, is the point of existence on this cold, hard, unloving rock hurtling through space.

We've all been there, mate, we've all been there.

Still, we'd like to metaphorically give the little guy a helping hand to get up off that floor and fight another day, by showing him that it really could be worse. A lot worse.