Someone's replaced all the lyrics to 'Shape of You' with footballers' names and it's genuinely great

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Ryan Young

Just when you thought you never wanted to hear that three-pronged and – let’s be honest now that the Sheeran fad is over with – Sia-based melody (listen to ‘Cheap Thrills’) which a slightly annoying man with fake glasses too small for his head released at the start of the year, there is definitely now one more reason to give ‘Shape of You’ another spin.

We’re not talking about the original though – and Ed, you don’t need any royalties from this given your tune is still racking up more than 485,000 spins on Spotify every day. We’re talking about YouTube channel Game Jam HD’s version, in which they’ve replaced all of the lyrics with footballers’ names.

You may be thinking ‘yep, anyone could do that’, but nah, they couldn’t, because this is genuinely great. 

Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ is full of repetition, but this version? It’s all fresh. He manages to cram a grand total of 238 footballers’ names into just over three minutes. We’d go as far as to say Ed’s been embarrassed here.

Have a watch below.