'British' Super Bowl commentary is absolutely hilarious


“Hut 42, hut 43 – hike.”

No, not the words of an excitable rambler making a mental note of lodgings before a big countryside walk, but the sort of lingo you'd be used to if you watched the NFL.

Ahead of Super Bowl 50, sports fan and comedian Anthony Richardson has just put a uniquely British spin on “America’s Prom Night”, offering an alternative commentary of last year’s big match-up between Seattle and New England which makes equally hilarious viewing for those who are versed in the game and those who aren't.

A world away from the bombastic commentary you’ll hear on Fox, Richardson’s genteel patter and endearing observations (note the squidgy cannon) won't help you understand the game any better - far from it - but it may cause uncontrollable laughter.

Click the image below to give it a watch.