The internet was asked for their favourite memories of Arsène Wenger’s reign and the replies were hilarious

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Dave Fawbert
The internet was asked for their favourite memories of Arsène Wenger's reign and the replies were hilarious

In football, even in moments of poignancy, a good laugh is never far away

So the old boy has finally gone.

It looked like Arsène Wenger’s stubbornness would lead to him refusing to relinquish the hot seat at the Emirates until they were carrying him out in a box but, in a strangely unexpected move - there had been no leaks or hints that it was coming - he has now announced that he is leaving Arsenal at the end of the season, at the age of 68.

Despite a rocky last few years, his reign will, ultimately, be looked upon with fondness by both Arsenal fans - to whom he brought beautiful football and a lot of trophies - and the rest of the footballing world, to whom he gave integrity, intelligence and style.

But. This is football.

And in football, even when something poignant and important happens, the tribal digs are never far away.

And, sure enough, as BBC Sport asked people for their favourite memories of Wenger’s 22-year reign at Arsenal, no doubt expecting, in the spirit of the hour, a nice lot of rose-tinted, misty-eyed replies that they could use on a news segment, instead they got banter. And lots of it.

Farewell Arsène, and we hope you use your new-found free time to learn how to use zips.

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