Arsenal's players are barely going to be able to fit in their dressing room at Sutton tonight

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It’s been a weird FA Cup this year – weird because, for once, it’s actually been quite good.

We’ve already seen Lincoln become the first non-league team to reach the quarter-finals in 103 years, and tonight, Sutton United are trying to join them in the last eight.

Thankfully for Sutton, they’re playing Arsenal – and we all know that if there’s one team who can somehow manage to monumentally fuck up what should be a routine tie against a team 104 places below them in the English football standings, it’s the Gunners. 

This is where Arsenal will be playing tonight

Obviously everyone who doesn’t call themself an Arsenal fan will be rooting for the minnows tonight, hoping that the tiny ground and artificial pitch might be enough to throw the Premier League side off their tracks and cause what would be one of the biggest upsets in FA Cup history.

Another issue Arsenal might find with the Borough Sports Ground is the away dressing room. Namely the fact that they might not even fit in it.

Gary Lineker shared a picture of the tiny changing room on his Instagram, and it looks cosy at best. There’s barely enough space for everyone’s shirts on the pegs.

It reminds us of the rooms we used to change in before Sunday league games on those freezing afternoons when you couldn’t feel your hands after two minutes and got whacked on the thigh by one of those rock solid Mitre balls that left a round, red mark for the next week.


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