Alexandre Lacazette scored on his debut, now Arsenal fans think they’re going to win the league

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Tom Victor

Arsenal supporters are a group of people who live a life of extremes.

Either everything is going swimmingly and all is well with the world, or it’s all gone to shit and there’s no hope of redemption.

There’s no middle ground, which is weird when you consider the club has not finished top or bottom of the Premier League for more than a decade.

The Gunners kicked off their pre-season campaign with a friendly against Sydney FC. Logic would dictate that such a match should be looked at as, well, a friendly against Sydney FC. But logic has never been Arsenal’s game.

This is a team that beat Chelsea in the FA Cup final after winning just two of their previous 13 meetings. It’s a team that got eliminated from the Champions League by Wayne Bridge during their ‘invincibles’ season, but made the final two years later with Emmanuel Eboue and Mathieu Flamini in the full-back positions.

So this wasn’t just a friendly against Sydney FC – it was a sign that their record buy was going to ensure everything was right with the world once more.

£53m man Alexandre Lacazette came off the bench to score from eight yards, and that’s kind of a big deal.

You might even say it provides proof that this is Arsenal’s year.

That’s how these things work, right? See if you can pick out the genuine ones from those who are a little more self-aware.

(Main image: Rex Features)