Rejoice! Bad Lip Reading is back, and it’s funnier than ever

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Chris Sayer

"You should be out there playing accordion!"


“Long live Wu-Tang.”

“Think about your Pop Tart.”

True to their hilarious form, viral video giants Bad Lip Reading have returned to YouTube with yet another incredible edit of poorly incredibly dubbed NFL players, refs and coaches.

Landing just in time for the Super Bowl on 7 February, it’ll do absolutely nothing for your already-confused brain when it comes to understanding the rules of American Football, but damn, it’ll have you in stitches from start to finish.

BLR first popped up onto our desktops back in 2011 with their oh-so-good own rendition of Rebecca Black’s Friday song (where is she now, huh?), and since then has gone on to parody everything from Star Wars to US politician Hilary Clinton.

If the 'Bowl is anywhere near as entertaining as this, we may even stay awake for the entire thing this year.


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