You will never be able to unsee these horrifying posters starring politicians as escorts

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Gary Ogden

I suppose I should preface this article with a warning: you will never be able to unsee this. The following images will be etched into your retinas for life. Don’t blame me if you wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, screaming, because of what I’m about to show you.

Got that? Right, just take a good look at this (last chance to back out now):

Told you. Not all politicians, granted, but all old, and all gross.

By the looks of things, the posters appeared in Hackney, but nobody is taking responsibility for them (obviously, it’s probably illegal?). However, if you still want to “get involved”, then the posters are available to buy from wankersoftheworld.com, and are specifically sold to be plastered up around your area.

Here’s a coupla hi-res versions for your enjoyment (read: not enjoyment):

No idea what happens if you ring the numbers though. That’s your homework for today.

(Images: wankersoftheworld.com)


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