These Photoshops of celebrities hanging out with their younger selves are the best thing you'll see today

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Freddie Mercury Queen

Freddie, meet Freddie

One of the benefits (and perhaps also drawbacks) of being a celebrity is that you’re constantly being photographed. When you’re on stage or at awards shows, obviously, but also when you’re out and about, buying milk and trying to mind your own business. 

For those who spend many years in the public eye, this can result in a microscopic level of detail when it comes to ageing. You can track every minute change in the way someone looks simply by looking at photographs. 

One digital artist, Ard Gelinck, has taken advantage of this ability. He Photoshops photos of celebrities next to their younger selves – and, in the process, offers a fascinating snapshot into the lives of the rich and famous. 

There’s Freddie: 


And Phil Collins:



And Justin Timberlake: 

It’s not just musicians - here’s Sly Stallone:

And Michelle Obama:

Ard is constantly updating his Insta with new shots – you can follow him here.

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