Peter Serafinowicz has redubbed Donald Trump as a cockney and it's hilarious


Could we have Donald Trump figured out all wrong here in the UK?

Portentously close to being declared the Republican Party’s next candidate for the White House, there lies the all too worrying possibility that the silly man with the silly hairpiece off of the US Apprentice could soon be firing more than just people should he get into the Oval Office.

So clearly somebody likes him over there.

In case you weren’t sure where you stood on the billionaire blowhard, the always brilliant Peter Serefinowicz has redubbed one of Trump’s speeches word for word, giving the magnate-turned-politician a more colloquial patter for us to understand him with. Or, as the actor comedian puts it himself: "a tough guy cockney accent."

Unfortunately for Trump, it makes him sound less clownish and more menacing, as if the Mitchell Brothers had formed into one gooey entity who has to sort out a scrap in the Old Vic. Watch the brilliance below.

And if you want an actual cockney doing the redubbing, meet Danny Dyer.